It’s gonna be awesome if we can have it in Singapore

Two little girls from Seattle launched their “Spacecraft” project – Loki Lego Launcher Sending their handmade craft as high as 78,000 feet to capture the view from the edge of the space. Interestingly, although Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung built their spacecraft out of wood and broken arrow shafts, it flew twice as high as commercial aircraft usually travel. Attached to a weather balloon filled with helium was a flight computer tracking their craft, two GoPro cameras, and a picture of their cat next to a Lego R2-D2. Called the Loki Lego Launcher, the craft was named after that cat and the figurine.

Rebecca and Kimberly learned a lot on their trip, according to their project plan binder. From “always be optimistic” to “be willing to reconstruct,” they learned lessons that will be helpful for building their next spacecraft, or whatever plan they think of next.

It’s really cool to have your own craft flying over the edge of the earth and capture awesome photos!

Enjoy the video!

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