Apple Watch Series 3 – worth the upgrade?

Most of us here have the first generation Apple Watch. We still uses it and it works great, so is it time to for the first generation users to upgrade to the latest Series 3?

Firstly, you may need to access the NEED for a new watch. If you wear it just about every day and love smart watches/fitness trackers then it may be worth the dollar. We know of someone diabetic using it mainly for health purposes, setting Siri to alert medicine time and so on. Perhaps the best feature we love about apple watche is the reminder of “time to Stand” regularly since we are all mostly desks bound.

Wireless battery charge

The battery life seems to have improved slightly since we are not having LTE in Singapore. The wireless charging pads only needs to be plugged into the wall and you simply place the watch on top of the magnet to charge, though something Ikea claimed to be already having for some time, it still feels awesome and hi-tech!

That said, it’s still not a perfect device. The apps are still not plentiful and it still ain’t as powerful to use. So buy/ upgrade only if there are cash to spare for this gadget in your wrist


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