New SocialY5 At Starbucks Wi-Fi

Welcome to SocialY5!

There are over 1.5 millions of people who have used our free Wi-Fi service at Starbucks for the past 16 months. Many of them enjoy the awesome service. After gathering feedbacks, we have upgraded the portal to make it more vibrant, interesting and fun!

What is SocialY5? 

SocialY5 connects you with people who visit Starbucks. You get to read interesting articles, watch funny videos and start conversation on SocialY5. Not just when you are at Starbucks, but even after you leave Starbucks, the conversation continues.

Having coffee at Starbucks is great. Hanging out with friends at Starbucks is awesome. But wouldn’t it be better if we can connect with other patrons who share the same Starbucks passion? How about discussing an interesting articles and videos with other Starbucks fans and continue to make friends and participate activities even after we leave Starbucks? We never know what great ideas we can come out with!

We are currently rolling out BETA version at a few Starbucks outlets, and we will launch it across all the Starbucks outlets very soon. So do not alarmed when you are asked to register an account with us. You can simply sign up a new account or login using your existing Facebook account. Feel free to drop us feedback on how we can improve and serve you better via the “contact us” page.

Let’s build a vibrant community together!

Last but not least, we hope you can help us to spread the word by sharing the article with your friends and join us on SocialY5 – Fun activities in one place!



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