Introducing 熳熳来 Le Mannequin – Singapore’s own

In our first post featuring local bands, we’re pleased to introduce 熳熳来 Le Mannequin.

Collecting inspirations from their surroundings, Le Mannequin is a 5 piece band hailing from Sunny Singapore.

The band got together through their mutual love for indie Chinese music. Influenced by the likes of Cosmos people and Wonfu, Manmanlai aims to share their original tune with more people! They have performed in places like Beer Market, Switch by Timbre, 5ive bar and held their first mini-concert in April 2016.

Known as “man man lai” 熳熳来 , meaning “to go slow” in mandarin, and also pronounced as LE-MAI-ANI-KIN *hokkien*, their sound is a blend of dream pop and indie rock.

土生土長的熳熳来 是一群慢灵魂,喜欢以自己的节奏,做自己喜欢的音乐。 有点搞怪,有点调tone, 有点孩子气,有点执着。我们希望通过创作认识更多朋友;通过歌曲找回连自己都欠缺的正能量!

熳熳来 Le Mannequin

熳熳来 Le Mannequin

The lovely and talented team sings great songs and we believe strong support will help them to go far.

Good music should be slowly savoured and enjoyed and the bliss that comes from having your favourite tune accompany you through the day can’t be replaced.

Have a listen to their music at

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