Tired of the same superficial dating apps?

In today’s digital culture, you’re more likely to meet a potential suitor using a dating app than at a bar. Online dating and dating apps allow you to set up dates with those you might never have met, all sitting at your place in your most comfortable pyjamas, browsing through profiles on a lazy weekend. As much as you may want to deny, online dating is the New cool. In fact, it’s more than that. It’s getting increasingly structured, tailored and specific. The shift of our social scene from entirely in-person events to popular online venues has brought newer possibilities and perks.

This rise in popularity can be seen by new apps popping in the market. But again, with so many options, finding the right dating app can be just as difficult as finding a soulmate.

Most of the dating apps focus on display pictures and lengthy profiles. People tend to use a sorting mechanism, judge them by their profile pictures and other superficial information, and may miss out on really good matches.

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Flaime seeks to address this issue with a radically new concept. There are no lengthy profile questions or filtering. Users post what is important to them, that reveals a facet of their personality, or simply conversation starters that makes the statement. Have you always wanted to climb Mount Everest? Someone else may have wanted that too. When you’re genuinely interested in someone’s interests, you’ll have plenty of things to talk about on your first date, and the second date, and the third…

These posts gradually build a user’s personality that Flaime uses to connect them to other like minded users. The focus is on the quality of connections over the quantity of matches. Conversations are more relaxed and genuine and there are opportunities to have further conversations with the same person on different posts. Since enduring relationships are built on matching of minds rather than exciting exterior, Flaime offers an exciting new way of solving the stubborn dating problems and will make you proud of your digital love story.

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