Dating a Pokémon Go player- And where To Meet Them

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. For all those who are currently living their lives according to the location of the nearest Bulbasaur, dating is still a part of the equation. And why not? Pokémon Go is more fun with a companion!
Games are a classic way to get to know someone better, and are an increasingly popular option for first dates. (Asking someone to catch Pokémon with you is the single greatest pickup line ever!) As a researcher on building relationships through play, Jane McGonigal says: “We like people better after we play a game with them. And the reason is- it takes a lot of trust to play a game with someone. We trust that they will spend their time with us, that they will play by the same rules, value the same goal, they’ll stay with the game until it’s finished. And so, playing a game together actually builds up bonds and trust and cooperation. And we actually build stronger social relationships as a result.”
For people who do not like meeting anyone with romantic intentions couched in requests for coffee, games like Pokémon Go offer a perfect rescue. They give an immediate way to start a conversation with an attractive stranger with a common interest.
Yes, there is someone out there who has similar interests and wants to date you and vice versa. The only problem is where you start the conversation that is not awkward and how to connect to and know that person.
So here is Flaime, making life easier for you. This dating app that matches minds can help Pokémon Go players find love while catching Pokémon. All you need to do is post relevant conversation starters that define you, your interests and love for Pokémon. You may post about your Pokémon collection or how you got Jolteon or Flareon, to start the conversation and see where it takes you.
You could also ask them if they would like to catch water Pokémon at the beach with you. This line will not only actively intrigue and excite your date; it will also let them know that you’re a Mew-level rare find. Now onto the date itself! Engage in Pokémon Go activities together and get a new challenge for tomorrow and the next day.
Who knows while on this “Gotta catch’em all” game, you would catch your Pika-boo too?

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