Someone Has Invented the World’s Only Self-Rolling Fitness & Yoga Mat

How many of us have this frustrating moment in schlepping our yoga mat after workout? Sometimes I hope the mat will roll by itself. Well, not to far from the dream, someone has invented a self-rolling yoga mat. They called it – YoYo Mat.

The inventor – Aaron Thornton, a fitness and yoga enthusiast set a goal to design a fitness / yoga mat that will roll up by itself and stay rolled up tightly while traveling or in storage without the need for straps or bags.

How does it work?

1. With TOP side facing up, simply toss or unroll your YoYo Mat away from you.

2. Unroll the mat completely, then give it a click to lock in your YoYo Mat to stay flat.

3. Practice your fitness or yoga with no worries of your YoYo Mat curling or bunching up.

4. When you finish, simply FLIP your YoYo Mat over. There are many ways to flip the YoYo Mat over. Your YoYo Mat will always roll up all by itself.

5. Or flip your Yoyo Mat over completely flat and then just give it a click. Your YoYo Mat will also roll up all by itself.

6. Give your YoYo Mat a tap and twist if necessary. Your YoYo Mat will stay tightly rolled up without any straps or bags.

The product will be ready in November 2015. If you want to back them up, you can check them out at



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