Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Workout Performance

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Lets talk about performance at the gym. You started hitting the gym with your buddy last year, but you realised that either of you have made better progress. Have you ever wondered why some people perform better than others even if they started out with similar skills, nutrition, strength and even using the same gym facilities? Perhaps now you wonder how to improve your performance at the gym?

Just like what the teachers in school preach: “study smart”. In this case, “train smart”. Top athletes improve their performance by paying close attention to 4 aspects that are often neglected.

1. Concentration / Focus

Top performers develop a very disciplined mindset. They look into the details of every exercise performed- Such as the form and rest duration. If he plans to do drop sets, he will do it. 1 minute rest interval? He will set a timer to ensure consistency. Many gym goers are guilty of having long training sessions not because they worked harder. You see them working their mouths instead, chatting with peers and strolling in the gym. Either that, or they enjoy going extremely easy on themselves by giving the “I’ll do it next time” excuse.

There are also some who fail to stay focus. Whenever you feel this way, think about your success and try to deal with the fear effectively.  This will help you engage your mental strength to push through the comfort zone!

2. Determination / Motivation

Top performers are self driven and motivated. It isn’t about losing 10lbs to feel satisfied anymore. They love what they do and embrace their need for achievement They look into making realistic progress and are aware that it all takes time. Some people give up when they feel that the results are taking too long to show.

Top performers will continually seek for growth opportunities. They enjoy setting goals for themselves that will put them into challenging situations in order to achieve them. They are strong in the mind and are willing to go beyond their comfort zone.

3. Necessary Rest Days

Instead of having that ” I MUST WORKOUT EVERYDAY” mindset, top performers know when they need a break. They are aware that insufficient rest could lead to the body’s inability to recover – over-training. Over-training would put a lot of stress on the musculoskeletal system, and can result in inflammation, tears, strains as well as stress fractures.

Top performers are smart in knowing when they should give the gym a miss in order to perform better another day. Honestly, this is something I am guilty of. I find it really difficult to give my body a break. Sigh :/

4. Emotional Control

It is all about developing an optimal mindset for performance. Heading to the gym despite feeling lazy, the ability to take on intense training, and to commit 101% in everything – that is great control. It isn’t surprising to hear stories of people you thought would never stop working out to drop out on a sudden day. That usually happens when their mind and body goes into the state of “giving up”, and they lose control over their mind.

Always look out for symptoms of yourself losing control, and curb it before it is too late! You can help yourself by sharing with your buddy your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your strengths and discuss on ways to improve your weaknesses. I have personally done this before and it helps. I felt more confident in my ability to accomplish a given task. <3

On the whole, no one is born perfect! All these factors contribute to the development of person’s mindset.

Are you not seeing much progress or results anymore? Time to look into the details and begin developing a plan for yourself.

Cheers, as these positive changes will improve your performance at the gym for a life time :)

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