The Exercise for A Smaller Waist – Without Sit Ups!

I realised that doing a crazy volume of sit ups, leg raises and crunches wasn’t the solution. In fact, it may create a bulky mid-section which was contradicting my fitness goal. Do you religiously train your abs, yet continually suffer from an unsightly protruding gut?

Here I’ll be introducing an exercise that could do you well if you have a thick waist or small hips.

Supine Vacuum

1. Lie flat on your back with your hips and knees flexed. Ensure that your feet is flat on the ground.

position11position 1

2. Empty your stomach by exhaling as much air as you can. ( Get the pufferfish face 😛 )

positiohn 22position2

3. Think of pulling your navel in as close to your spine. This allows your transverse abdominis (TVA) to contract.

position 33position 3

4. Attempt to hold the vacuum for approximately 15 to 20 seconds on each set.

position 44position 4

5. Repeat this exercise for about 3-5 sets for best results!

– Best performed on an empty stomach, I do this when I wake up!
– Perform 3-5 sets of this exercise a day for optimal results.
– Work up to hold for longer durations progressively.
– Don’t let the inability to hold your breath hinder you from performing longer sets, you take small breaths when needed
– Start with the supine vacuum, and progressively move on to the quadruped vacuum, seated vacuum, and functional variations.


Thanks for reading, and happy training! <3 Tell me how the Supine Vacuum exercise works for you

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