Smashing Heroes

Smashing Heroes

Smashing Heroes is a unique arcade game of casual and action-packed fun for all ages. With a new blend of mobile tap game mechanics, players will tap like never before. You were but just walking and taking a look, when a giant corn monster attacks a farm. You step in to help, and so starts your journey as a smashing hero.

Your only weapon? It’s your fingers.


You probably hadn’t known, but when Smashing Heroes was first launched, the game was equipped with a farm and geolocation features for monster collection.
We have since removed it from the latest version, but let us give you an idea of what there is now.

● Beautifully hand-drawn art that guarantees you will deny the monsters being evil!

● Simple and easy learning curve for players seeking a casual, collector, or completionist’s approach.

● Build finger muscles by defeating monsters

● Collect monsters! Upgrade! Cheat with endless consumables! So many ways to enhance your gameplay!

● Had enough of stage mode? Try to top the online leaderboards in the monster rush mode!

● Think the game is easy? Think again. Strategy is part of the hidden play.

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What are you waiting for? Get smashing!

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