Monster Chronicles – Battle Tic Tac Toe RPG

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Monster Chronicles is a Strategy RPG with a unique battle system, combining the best of hardcore games like Fire Emblem with the simplicity of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Collect, train and customise your party of cute & powerful monsters, battle through an expansive story in Ometia and become the best monster trainer in this tactical role playing game.

Key Features

  • Unique Battle System
    • Move & Warp across a 3×3 Battle Grid to attack enemies
    • Rack up & deal strings of powerful skills with tactical positioning
    • Use elemental advantage to deal bonus damage
    • Skills include buffs, debuffs, flanks, counter & more!
  • Multiplayer
    • Co-op with friends to tackle challenging quests
    • Engage in epic 1v1 Online/Offline PVP Battles against players
  • Collect and Rear Monsters
    • Collect over 100 cute & powerful monsters
    • Evolve your monsters to their final form
    • Build relationships with Monsters to unlock memorable conversations
    • Nourish your party with food items to boost their stats & make them stronger
  • Endless Customisation Options
    • Redefine your monsters’ skill set to pull off powerful combos
    • Craft, upgrade & activate Puffs in battle to advance your strategy
  • Intriguing Storyline
    • Explore the world of Ometia & Uncover its mysteries
    • Play as Indra as he ventures out on a journey of self discovery
    • Immerse yourself in an interactive adventure


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