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Well, as promised, this is the second part to my take on the male fashion scene here. Read the prequel here.

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that the term “shirt” refers to the working shirt with buttons that most people wear to office. Okay, let’s get straight into it then.

Men’s Fashion Don’ts


No slippers, no sandals, and obviously no Crocs, unless you’re going to the beach. But it’s no Crocs ever. It’s Men’s fashion advice here, not boys.

School/Army Polo

Stop wearing your school/poly/army polo shirts. But it’s totally okay if it’s Singapore Polytechnic or the latest Arsenal jersey. Damn that team’s so fashion forward. Sometimes I think it isn’t fair to the other teams.

Branded Tees

No more “brand” T-shirts, like the A|X one in my previous post. Do you want to be a walking billboard of bad piracy? Look: Branded ≠ Good Fashion Sense. Stop buying SuperDry tees.

How about you give yourself a personal challenge for a year: Not to buy any apparel that has its brand visible? Try it! Do you really believe that people think you dress well because you spent $200 on a shirt?

Work Pants

No more loose shirts or pants. There are enough “sails” in Marina Bay and Raffles already. Also, stop wearing just black pants to work. There are grey pants and chinos.

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If you’re wearing a suit (I see this mostly at graduation ceremonies and weddings), don’t button the bottom button of your sports jacket/coat, unless it’s single button.

Notice something?


Don’t suffocate me with your cologne. Use odourless (if possible) deodorant if you start to smell after a bit of sweat. Almost every guy’s like that, don’t sweat over it (pun intended).


Don’t give yourself excuses to being fat. If you have time to watch TV/the computer, you have time to hit the gym.

Men’s Fashion Do’s

Shirts and Fit

Your t-shirt/polo shirt/shirt/top/bottom should always fit your body almost perfectly. It should give you that coveted “V” shape. I cannot emphasize this enough. Fit > Quality > Brand. Recommended article: “Style Tenets”, by The Effortless Gent.

Please tuck your long-sleeved shirt in, be it with your pants or jeans. Belts are optional if you tuck in, but I’d recommend it. Basically, you should look neat and that you take care of your image. But not to the point of public vanity.

If you’re wearing a tie, the tip should *just* about cover your belt buckle. Recommended article: “The Perfect Fit: Ties”, by The Effortless Gent.

Your belt should always match (i.e. roughly the same colour as) your shoes.


Invest in a nice pair of loafers/boat shoes. I recommend Pedro.

Also, invest in a pair of brogues/monk shoes, just so you don’t rely on that pair of black leather shoes too much. You have to be a bit like Benitez: squad rotation.

Suits and Watches

Invest in a tailored suit. Make sure it’s not over-sized. You should be wearing the suit, not the other way around.

Invest in a classy looking watch. You’re a grown man now, time to show it (pun intended). It doesn’t have to be a RolexTag HeuerIWC etc. My personal preferences are Stuhrling and Orient.

There are many “indie”/”bo mia” brands out there that get away with looking expensive but costing $100+. Recommended article: “Best Automatic Watch Deals – Spring 2013″, by Dappered.

I’ve always thought henleys looked good on any man. It’s like formal casual wear, exuding a quiet sense of confidence and fashion sense.

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If you want to hear current fashion advice, I *think* bold colours are in, which I think is about right. You want to do stand out for your sense of style. The fear of taking bold colours on is best described in yet another fashion blog I follow and I quote this post from

“Block colouring is a great trend and when pulled off well, is extremely stylish, but for the majority of men we prefer to play it safe on most occasions.”

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Ask a lady for advice. I always try to shop with a female friend, if she’s willing.

Learn how to match with colours. Recommended article: “Killing it with Color”, by The Effortless Gent.

You want to forge your own unique style. When I buy clothes, I’m always looking for that subtle flair or understated detail. Loud but not too loud.


The most important tip is to read magazines or subscribe to fashion blogs. Reading these blogs regularly can have a positive effect on your outlook on image and style, which will give you better decision making when shopping.

Here are the blogs I follow:


I guess, at the end of the day, what I’m trying to show is that it’s not difficult to seem fashionable or stylish. And with that little bit of effort, it can go a long way in terms of your personal image, self-confidence and career, to name a few. (okay okay, sex life too. LOL)

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Come on boys, let’s give the ladies a run for their money.


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