Yana interviewed six amazing female entrepreneurs of The Athena Network and got them to share their best advice acquired from their own respective entrepreneurial journeys, and the lessons that go with it.

She sat down with Gina Romero, founder of The Athena Network SingaporeSharon Hardcastle of 1450 CubedSabine Seilliere of Sabine’s BasketsVicki Lew of Brew CreativePauliina Salmenhaara of R.A.W. Inside Out, and Louisa Lee of DP Dental — all extraordinary women living an extraordinary life of service through their businesses.

In line with The Athena Network, the interview was all about networking, businesses, creating customer relationships, and everything else in between. Below are some important excerpts from the interview:
* Networking is all about adding value to people, and knowing that people are naturally collaborative. They want to help!
* Networking can result in profitable business deals, but in the end it’s all about building genuine relationships with people.
* Always have a clear objective when you network. It’s all good making friends, but setting goals is important so you can gauge if networking is truly working for you!
* Networking is great if you are starting out because you can get different perspectives, learn from the experiences of others and listen to invaluable feedback from potential customers.
* Understand the reality of entrepreneurship. In the beginning, it gets hard before it gets easy. There is a never-ending list of things to do and you have to wear many hats. Financial rewards come later.
* Never take feedback personally. Learn from it and get better.
Outsource projects to reliable contractors! Invest in professional services and hire skilled people to take care of things they are good at, so you have time to do what YOU are good at!
* Find a business that corresponds with your spiritual calling or purpose and locate the deeper why behind why you do what you do, so you are authentic at every step!
* Entrepreneurship begins with passion and the desire to help and connect and impact people positively.
There you have it, some of the best advice from the best women entrepreneurs out there!


Start networking for business success

7pm Thursday July 2nd, 2015 Halia, Raffles Hotel Singapore

This post was first published on www.yanatv.com and has been re-written for Executive Lifestyle with the permission of the author.


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