20 Singapore Hottest Startups That Catch Our Eyes – Part 1

Here’s our part 1 of the featured startups on SocialY5. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Have a great week ahead!


The idea grew out of needing a simple way to send money. The co-founder’s daughter was always asking him for his credit card. At the same time, he noticed his daughter spent a lot of time on social and messaging platforms. He too was using these networks for keeping in touch with his friends and family. This got him thinking. How could he combine social and payments?

They are a Singapore – based, venture capital backed company. Fastacash provides a global platform which allows users to transfer value (money, airtime, other tokens of value, etc.) along with digital content (photos, videos, audio, messages) through social networks and messaging platforms, enabling secure and cost-effective transactions domestically and internationally.

Fastacash started its operation since April 2012, Funding – S$11.36M. http://www.fastacash.com

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It’s really popular to sell your items on Carousell. It works on both computer browsers and mobile app. Selling on Carousell is as simple as taking a photo! Tap on the ‘Sell’ button > Take a photo of the item that you are selling. Be sure to capture any relevant details or defects if there are any > Key in a description and a price, and specify a location where you would prefer to meet your buyer. Tap ‘Done’.

Carousell started its operation since May 2012, Funding – $8.8M. http://carousell.com

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Paktor is a social networking platform (mobile app only) that helps singles in Asia meet other singles. In Singapore alone, it has more than 2 millions users. The app is easy to use. Their objective is to bring people together with no pressure attached. Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match!

Paktor started its operation since June 2013, Funding – $6.68M http://www.gopaktor.com/home

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Gentay Communications is a mobile technology company which has launched an app called ‘nanu’. It’s the worlds first ultra low band width VoIP application that is storming the world and offering cellular phone users the ability to make free VoIP calls with an unrivalled degree of clarity and stability. Nanu allows users to make free calls on mobile phones, but unlike other free calling apps, nanu doesn’t need a fast network, so it works on 2g and congested networks. Furthermore, nanu provides all voice calls completely for free, including app-to-non-app calls.

Gentay started its operation since December 2013, Funding – $5M. http://www.gentaycom.com

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